5 Reasons To Use The Hong Kong Airport Express

Hong Kong City

Hong Kong’s airport is a world hub connecting the mega city to nearly everywhere imaginable on the globe. There are three main options for those making the most of their holiday and stopping over in Hong Kong.

You can:

  • Take a taxi (HK$320-$400 to Hong Kong Island)
  • Catch a bus (and take forever, depending on route)
  • Ride the HK Airport Express (from airport to the city in 24 minutes)

Here are five reasons why you should seriously consider using the Airport Express on your next journey to Hong Kong!

1 – It’s so easy to use!

How much is the Hong Kong Airport Express from Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)

Adult fares from HKIA to Hong Kong Island on the Airport Express are currently HK$115 one-way. If hopping off at Tsing Yi or Kowloon Station, a discount applies.

After collecting baggage and clearing customs, simply find the Airport Express signs in the arrivals hall. This will direct you to a ticketing desk, or use the ticketing machine if you are well researched in where exactly you are going.

Hong Kong Airport Express Tickets
If you have done your research, you can skip the queue and purchase tickets from the machine.

At non-peak travel times, you may be able to step off your aircraft, clear customs and be in the centre of Hong Kong in under an hour!

From Hong Kong to HKIA

Airport Express stations are separated from the regular MTR stations. If taking the MTR (Hong Kong version of a subway), follow the signs on arrival in the main concourse of Kowloon or Hong Kong station. If catching a taxi from your hotel to the station, make sure you clearly say Airport Express so you are taken to the correct entrance.

This is the fast track from the crazy sights of the city to the luxury of the airport lounges, if you’re lucky enough to fly business class.

2 – You can check-in for your flight in the city

You may be wondering why you would take a taxi to a train station instead of the airport. The reason is in-town check-in. Most airlines participate in the program, where you can check your baggage in Hong Kong and catch the Airport Express at your leisure.

When I used this, I checked in my baggage at Hong Kong station, went for last minute shopping and sightseeing, before catching the train from Kowloon station.

The only requirement for using in-town check in is that you must first purchase an Airport Express ticket.

HK Station Check-in
Check-in area at Hong Kong station.

3 – You can return the same day for free

If your onward flight from Hong Kong is on the same calendar day, you can use the Airport Express return for the price of a one-way fare. This maximises your time in the city at an exceptional price.

4 – You can connect to free hotel shuttle bus services

This is especially useful when travelling with baggage, as I did on my recent visit to the city. Simply hold on to your ticket after alighting at Hong Kong or Kowloon station and follow the signs to the shuttle bus. Busses run frequently to many hotels. For the current list, and the best station to connect to your hotel, check out the MTR website.

5 – Free Wi-Fi and power outlets

Even the perfect travel plan doesn’t quite go so well. If you lose your power bank, or your data roaming plan doesn’t include Hong Kong, you are covered on the Airport Express. There are power outlets available throughout the train, and free Wi-Fi available for all to send off a last minute email, or Instagram story.

Inside HK Airport Express
A look inside the Airport Express.

Let me know in the comment section below – what’s your favourite thing to do in Hong Kong?

I travelled on the Airport Express at my own expense.
Information correct at 07 April 2019.

Feature photo – Hong Kong island view from Kowloon
©tylergoesplaces 2019


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